About Us

Caring Minds C.I.C. is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting children and young people who live with, or care for someone with a mental health issue (who are sometimes referred to as ‘Young Carers’).

We are a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.). This means that we are a not-for-profit organisation, and any surplus money goes back into the Young 'Mental Health' Carers community.

Company No. 07267691
UK Register of Learning Providers: 10042898


Sam lives with his mother who has depression. They live on a low income and in poor housing because mum cannot sustain a job. His mum lacks motivation to do day-to-day activities such as housework; planning and preparing healthy meals; household chores or to keep on top of their finances. So Sam picks up on the slack, he also gives his mum emotional support, especially when she self harms.

Sam hasn't told anyone at school about his mum because he is worried that he will be taken into care. He also doesn't tell his friends because he is embarrassed (because of the stigma of mental health issues). He doesn't have anyone to talk to, and internalises all of his worries and stress. His school work is suffering, and he truants when his mum is at her worse.

No one has ever really talked to Sam about his mum’s depression, and he constantly worries that he will get it. The truth is he is very likely to get it as he will burn out soon. He is unlikely to go onto further and higher education. Ultimately affecting his job prospects and future life chances.

With some support Sam could understand the reasons why his mum is how she is, and learn how to take care of himself and how to seek support before things reach crisis.