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Natasha Jordan: Manager




David Waddilove: Volunteer

David has run residential and community projects for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and sensory impairment. He has worked in social care, health and education and is a qualified social worker and registered trainer. He ran the national 'new types of worker' project for Skills for Care (an attempt at making 'user-led' ideas a reality). He also set up and ran the Somerset Virtual College, with a 'train the trainer' element. Going through clinical depression personally probably taught him more than anything, however, about the real nature of services. He has six magnificent children; a PhD in American Poetry; plays in a free jazz band occasionally and writes short stories. He is proud to say that with the passing of the years every fixed opinion he ever had has effectively disinterpreted.



Kay Fendle: Internal Communications

 Kay has had family members with mental health issues ranging from depression, to schizophrenia. She has also lived with friends who have also suffered with depression and OCD. Whilst growing up she was surrounded by mental health issues but didn't recognise it until much later when she found out what was happening. Kay believed that there are too many situations like this where young people either don't understand or who are spending their young years looking after other people. She believes that Caring Minds C.I.C. can help in so many ways.

Glyn Woodcock: Fundraiser



Matthew Jordan: Project Assistant

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