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STAR Awards

Star Awards: Nominations must be in by Friday 29th April for our anniversary celebrations.

The five STAR categories are:

Creative Star - For someone who has come up with a truly innovative idea (in support of our mission) and which has shaped Caring Minds' services or raised significant funds.

Supportive Star - For someone who has dedicated their efforts to support staff, volunteers, Caring Minds supporters or Young ‘Mental Health’ Carers.

Boldest Star - For someone who has demonstrated courage and bravery in helping Caring Minds to achieve its aims.

Inspiring Star - For someone who has inspired others to achieve success, or who inspires others with what they have achieved on behalf of the organisation.

Respect Star - For someone who has acted with an energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate and positive attitue

To nominate someone else, or yourself for a STAR award is easy. Just send an e-mail to star@caringminds.co.uk with a brief description (no more than 500 words) about why they/you should receive the award. Ensure you write which award you are nominating them for in the subject line.

To be eligible to be nominated for an award the individual must be:

  • A young person who lives with, or cares for someone with a mental health issue.
  • A Young Advisor
  • A Volunteer
  • A Staff member
  • A member of the Board of Directors
  • A member of the Independent Advisory Panel
  • A supporter / suporting organisation of the activities of Caring Minds